Emily Lequerica
Emily Lequerica

Emily Lequerica

Assistant Director of Admission

Never have I heard anyone say “Wow! That is a solid foundation!” about a newly constructed home. People are often in awe of the finished product, a house visually upright with all of the finishing touches. However, the foundation that supports this new structure is crucial to its longevity and is a vital step in the construction process.

This same idea holds true for early childhood education.

Monday, April 30, 2018

Qq & Time to the Hour

Quirky letter Qq started off this week in the best way! We made our quilt letter card and read Quick as a Cricket. We also practiced handwriting the letter Qq using Q-tips and utilized our laptops to sort Qq and Kk pictures. Q is for Duck by Mary Elting and Michael Folsom was one of our favorite books this week! Finally, we couldn’t wait to see what quizzical items Maggie had munched as well as think of our own Qq words.

We have begun our study of time to the hour this week, introducing it by watching two Brainpop, Jr. videos called “Time To The Hour”  and "Parts of the clock." We created our own clocks and discussed the jobs of the long minute hand and the short hour hand. We played a game in which we each matched our own small clocks to the teacher’s big clock, matched an analogue clock to the digital time on a laptop template, and we played fun game of Time BINGO! Please continue practicing at home! We will be focusing on this skill next week as well.

Reminders and Looking Ahead:


Friday, May 11                        Mother’s Day Tea, 10:00am

Tuesday, May 22                      End-of-the-Year Bowling Party at Cordova Bowling Center

Wednesday, May 23                 Last Day of School, ½ Day