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Fri, Nov 16, 2018

Our JK Thanksgiving Play is a fall tradition. With natives, pilgrims and a silly turkey dance, it's ten minutes of Thanksgiving joy!

Thu, Nov 15, 2018

We greatly enjoyed our review week, focusing on reviewing our letter identification and sounds. We played a fun Thanksgiving game in which we drew and identified letters out of a bag. If we drew a turkey, we had to gobble and run around the whole table like a turkey! We practiced handwriting our letters on our Handwriting Without Tears app on the Ipads. We also practiced identifying the letter sounds we have studied at the beginning, middle, and end of words! Whew!

In continuation of our study of the first Thanksgiving, we read Red Fox and His Canoe by Nathaniel Benchley and talked about methods of transportation used by Native Americans long ago. We molded our own canoes out of Model Magic clay! We also loved reading How to Catch a Turkey by Adam Wallace and Andy Elkerton.  After reading, we worked hard on creating a special placemat just for Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is not a good time to be a turkey, and we loved sharing our creative disguises we made for our turkeys with the class! We talked about what being thankful means and for what we are thankful, reading I’m Thankful and This First Thanksgiving Day

We can’t wait to show off our hard work at the Thanksgiving Play on Friday! Below are a few reminders. Thank you for helping make our show a success! 

-Please send your son to school in a white collared shirt or turtleneck and long khaki pants.

-Please do not send your son’s backpack or water bottle to school.

-Refreshments will follow your son’s performance in the Fellowship Hall.

-It is a precious and brief performance, so please be on time to ensure you do not miss a moment! 

Reminders and Looking Ahead:

As we look forward to celebrating this special holiday, we will review our literacy and math skills next week and conclude our unit on Thanksgiving.

Friday, November 16th, 9:00AM                                    JK Thanksgiving Play!

Tuesday, November 20th- Thanksgiving Feast (We encourage you to send lunch items that the Pilgrims and Native Americans might have shared at the first Thanksgiving, which are compatible with our nut policy.)

November 21-23                                                            Thanksgiving Break



Fri, Nov 09, 2018

We introduced the incredible letter Ii this week and created our own insect lettercards! We talked about the vowels we have learned so far, identifying words that began with Aa, Ii, and Oo. We talked about the differences between long and short Ii sounds when we saw what Maggie munched. We generated our own Ii words and practiced handwriting with dry erase boards and ink.

We began our unit on patterning this week. We learned what patterns are, how we name patterns, and worked on creating our own! We made patterns on our own using different manipulatives! As we help make our Native American costumes, we patterned colored shapes onto our Native American headbands and patterned beads on our necklaces.

Our Thanksgiving study has focused on the lives and culture of the Native Americans. We learned how the Native Americans lived in America well before the Pilgrims arrived! We learned about the great importance of animals to the Native Americans. They ate their meat and used their hides for clothing and housing.  We also learned that the resourceful Native Americans lived off of the land, using berries to dye their clothing and create art.  We made our own Native American vests, painting various symbols that the Native Americans would have used!  We can’t wait for you to see our work and are looking forward to performing in our Thanksgiving Play next week!

Please continue to practice your son’s line for the play at home!

Fri, Nov 02, 2018

This week we have had a happy time focusing on the letter, Hh! On Monday, we created our Hh lettercards with our keyword, house.  We employed our creativity to create our own distinct houses.  We practiced writing the letter H using highlighters. Maggie made her visit, and we generated our own extensive list of Hh words and drew our favorite pictures.  

In math this week, we have covered positional words. We had fun playing Simon Says to demonstrate our mastery of these words. 

We had a fun day on Halloween where we made pumpkin pie in a bag and formed sets using candy corn. This week, we also began our study of Thanksgiving beginning with the Pilgrims’ voyage to America. We are fortunate to have been born into a country where we get to go to church and school where we choose, and we learned the king did not give the Pilgrims these rights in England. We studied how they traveled across the Atlantic Ocean aboard the Mayflower. We learned how the Pilgrims faced bitter cold, lack of food, and illness when they arrived in America and built log cabins for shelter. We learned about how Squanto and the Native Americans helped the Pilgrims learn to plant crops in the New World.  We look forward to continuing our study about the first Thanksgiving next week!

Please practice your son’s line for the Thanksgiving Play at home!

Special Spotlight: Spanish

It has been a busy and fun trimester in our Spanish class. The JK boys have been practicing counting from zero to twenty and singing greeting songs at the beginning of each class.

They've been memorizing and chanting the days of the week. We've been reviewing the colors in Spanish and playing games to practice them.

Also, they learned about different kinds of feelings and how to say them in Spanish. They learned the song called "Cinco Calabazas" ("Five Pumpkins") and then acted out the emotions as they sang the song. We finished our unit making pumpkin or ghost finger puppets.

I love seeing their enthusiasm for learning new words and singing songs in Spanish.  I'm looking forward to lots more fun with these sweet boys in the coming months.

Feliz otoño (Happy Fall)

Hasta luego,

Señora Watson

Reminders and Looking Ahead:

Friday, November 16                        Thanksgiving Play 9:00am 

November 21-23                                Thanksgiving Holiday

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