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    "you must do what is right and good, this pleases the Lord." Deuteronomy 6:18
Fri, Jan 18, 2019

We’ve had the best week studying the letter Bb! We began the week by meeting up with our 5th grade buddies and played basketball! We also constructed a brown bear on our lettercard. We practiced handwriting and learned that if you take away the top curve of the capital B, you have a lowercase b! It helps us tell the difference between a lowercase d and a lowercase b too! We couldn’t wait to see what Bb items Maggie munched, and we had fun sharing those while generating our own Bb words. 

With our study of 3-part patterns this week, we patterned different bears by flavor and color using teddy grahams.  We also created a 3-part pattern headband using shapes. 

With Bb comes our study of bears! We started with the brown bear otherwise known as the grizzly bear! We learned how bears and other animals live in natural habitats and are from different places even though we see them all at the zoo. We studied what they eat and how they survive during the winter. With our study on panda bears, we discussed its habitat, diet, and what it means to be endangered.  Finally, we talked about the polar bear and used it as an example of how God helps many animals hunt and protect themselves by camouflaging them into their surroundings! God also protects polar bears from the cold with a layer of fat on their bodies. We conducted an experiment to see how it works using Crisco to insulate our hands from cold ice!

In honor of Martin Luther King, Jr. Day on Monday, we concluded our week with a study and celebration of his life. We learned that there was a time when all people were not treated equally simply because of their outward appearance and discussed the importance of our empathy and love for all of God’s children. We read Martin’s Dream by Jane Kurtz and Let’s Read About … Martin Luther King, Jr. by Courtney Baker.  We hope everyone enjoys this holiday and gives thanks to those who stood up for the freedom of all. 

Reminders and Looking Ahead:

Monday, January 21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

No School

Friday, February 1 Parent/Teacher Conferences

No School for Boys

Fri, Jan 11, 2019

Welcome back! We have missed all of these smiling faces and have loved hearing about everyone’s break! We have begun January by diving into our season of winter! We watched a BrainPop, Jr. and learned about how the Earth orbits the sun, and it tilts away during winter, making it feel cold outside! 

We have enjoyed an unbelievable week studying the letter, Uu! First, we created umbrella lettercards and played a game that covers the vowels we have learned so far, Aa, Ii, Oo, and Uu! We worked hard on our journals this week, journaling about our favorite things to do in the snow.  We practiced handwriting letter Uu using fake snow.

We have begun our study of graphing this week, and we have graphed a lot of information and learned a lot about our friends! Who knew graphs could tell us so much?   The boys enjoyed doing their very own graph survey around the EC building asking teachers particular questions!

We have been discussing what it is like for animals during the winter months. Reading through Animals in Winter by Henrietta Bancroft and Richard G. Van Gelder, we talked about migration and about how some animals relocate to find warmer temperatures and some to follow their food, creating handprint ducks.

Looking ahead to next week, we will begin our study of the letter Bb. In math, we will focus on identifying and creating 3-part patterns by color, size, and kind. We will continue our study of winter and begin to learn how other animals cope with cold temperatures!

Reminders and Looking Ahead:

Monday, January 21 Martin Luther King, Jr. Holiday

No School

Friday, February 1 Parent/Teacher Conferences

No School for Boys

Sat, Dec 15, 2018

What a pleasantly perfect week in JK! We started off our study of the letter

Pp by creating pink pigs on our purple lettercard. We read Patty and Pop’s

Picnic by Susan McCloskey and POPPED with excitement to see what

Maggie prefers munching on! Finally, we enjoyed wearing pajamas with

our principal, Mrs. Todd, and eating popcorn!

We also continued learning how to write numbers 8, 9, and 10 this week.  Please

practice over the holiday.

Santa and Rudolph have been big topics this week as we prepare for the

Christmas break. We read the book Santa’s Favorite Story by Hisako Aoki

where he tells the story of the first Christmas. We are looking forward to

our Christmas party next week and hope to have a special visitor stop by

for a quick visit!

Reminders and Looking Ahead

Tuesday, December 18 Christmas Party, Half-Day Dismissal

Wear red or green

Wednesday, December 19 Half-Day Dismissal

No aftercare- holding room until 11:30

Thursday, December 20 Christmas Break Begins

Thursday, January 3 Classes Resume

Sat, Dec 08, 2018

We kicked off this week with studying the letter, Kk!  We created our key word page with a kite! Write-the-room is one of our favorite activities, and we practiced hunting down and writing every Kk word we could find in our classroom. We practiced handwriting the letter, Kk, and had fun seeing what Maggie munched and coming up with our own words that begin with Kk. It’s a tricky letter that shares the same sound with Cc. 

We have continued our practice of writing numbers, and we are focusing on numbers 4 through 7 this week. We practiced writing on magic slates, on chalkboards, and Ipads.

As our unit on the Christmas story continues, we watched the video The Legend of the Candy Cane with our 5th grade buddies. The story taught us about the meaning behind a candy cane’s shape, colors, and stripes.  We have also focused on the three kings who visited Jesus in Bethlehem. After reading The Story of Christmas by Linda Jennings, we created an art piece representing the nativity and the three kings!  We also created a very special Christmas gift to bring home to you!  Tis the season! 

Special Spotlight:  Spanish

During November in our Spanish class the JK boys learned about shapes and colors (las formas y los colores).  They learned all the common shapes in Spanish.  We described the shapes in terms of color, numbers of sides, and size. The boys participated in different kinds of activities to practice them, such as playing bingo, "I Spy", "Clase vs. Maestra"  (Class vs. Teacher), listening to songs, and answering questions.  

Also they learned basic vocabulary related to  "El Otoño" ( Fall). We discussed how the weather is during fall, and what holidays we celebrate during this time of the year. We practiced singing a song called "Otoño Llego" ("Fall Arrived") 

Our current unit is about "La Navidad" . I am using a Christmas counting book to practice counting and teaching Christmas vocabulary in Spanish.  Also we sing the song called "Rodolfo el Reno" ("Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer") and, of course, their favorite, the well-known Spanish and English song "Feliz Navidad".

I hope everybody has a wonderful Christmas and a happy New Year.Feliz Navidad a todosSeñora Watson.

Reminders and Looking Ahead

Thursday, December 13               Pajama Day/Popcorn with our Principal

Friday, December 14                       Maggie visits for letter P objects

Tuesday, December 18                  Christmas Party, Half-Day Dismissal

                                                       Wear red or green

Wednesday, December 19              Half-Day Dismissal 

                                                        No aftercare- holding room until 11:30

Thursday, December 20                    Christmas Break Begins

Thursday, January 3                           Classes Resume

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