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Summer Camps 2019!

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Parent Survey - Lunch Program

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Happy Mother’s Day! Four Ways to Strengthen Mother-Son Bonds

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Popsicles and a Dress-Down Day! Help Us Get to 90% Parent Participation!

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Change of Address or Phone Number? Please Let Us Know!

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Grandparents' Day 2019 - October 25 - Save the Date

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The Spring 2019 Issue of PDS Spirit is Here

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Calendar at a Glance - 2019-2020

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Want to Be a Better Dad? Announcing the 2019 Spring Sessions for Strategic Dads

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Winston Baccus

Winston Baccus

Director of Communications

PDS Summer Required Reading Online Book Fair for 1st-6th

For 1st–6th Grades

In an effort to help you with purchasing your son’s required summer reading, we are partnering with Novel and having an online book fair from Monday, April 29 through May 3 at noon.

Please click on the link and choose your son’s rising grade for the required summer reading title(s) and continue through the ordering process.

The books will be sent home with the boys before the end of school. Novel will donate a percentage of the sales to PDS for the PDS Library. (This is in lieu of having the summer reading book fair at Field Day.)

Summer Reading Book Fair

Students Win! 2019 Student/Faculty Basketball Game Video

Who rules? Students rule!

It was a back and forth game where students went on several 3-pointer streaks, but in the last minutes of the game, the faculty was holding onto the lead. With a buzzer beating 3-pointer that will be rembered and savored by the students for years to come, the students defeated the faculty!

The Spring 2019 Issue of PDS Spirit is Here

The spring 2019 issue of PDS Spirit will be arriving in mailboxes starting this week.


ERB Results - A Snapsot of Learning

PDS boys outperform other independent schools and the best public schools on ERB tests.

Building Boys, Making Men

The bulk of this issue is focused on our Building Boys, Making Men character education program. Learn about how the program is integral to the PDS experience, how it is implemented and how it is continuing to grow.

Teacher Feature: Brooke Haley


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2018 Christmas Pageant Livestream

Our 2018 Christmas Pageant, A PDS Christmas will stream live here beginning at 6:30pm on Tuesday, December 18.

The Winter 2018 Issue of PDS Spirit is Here

The winter 2018 issue of PDS Spirit will be arriving in mailboxes starting this week.


2018 High School Graduates Map

This past year, 2018, 68 PDS alumni graduated from high school and scattered to over 35 universities across the country. Collectively they were accepted into more than 60 different schools and received over 2 million dollars in scholarship money.

da Vinci Days - Fall Breakaway 2018

It’s two days before fall break in an all boys school. Imagine the energy. Our solution to keeping boys engaged in the learning process two days before fall break is to step away from the regular routine and embrace two days of STEAM-infused learning called Fall Breakaway.

Father and Son Find Heroes in Memphis

Teacher Feature: Palmer Albertine


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PK Jingle and Mingle 2018 Video

Pre-Kindergarten boys performed their annual Jingle and Mingle program on Thursday, December 6.

Congratulations to Madoc Michael, Winner of the 2018 PDS Spelling Bee!

Fifth grader Madoc Michael won the 2018 Spelling Bee on Wednesday, November 28, 2018.

Way to go Madoc!

JK Thanksgiving Play 2018

Our JK Thanksgiving Play is a fall tradition. With natives, pilgrims and a silly turkey dance, it's ten minutes of Thanksgiving joy!

Curriculum Guide: World Language


World Language


The World Language program at PDS initially exposes our boys to both Mandarin and Spanish during the early childhood years. Through meaningful, enthusiastic instruction, boys learn to appreciate both languages and their cultures. Beginning in first grade, parents choose a language path for their son based on his desire for continued language study. Knowing that a second language must be acquired, world language classes are presented in the target language a majority of the time, and activities in class are based around vocabulary acquisition, through the recycling of words used in a variety of contexts.

All Mandarin and Spanish classes are designed to encourage students’ thinking about the following essential questions:

  • How can the study of Mandarin or Spanish help me investigate the world in a new way?
  • How can Mandarin or Spanish help me recognize perspectives and show me how my view of the world is similar to and different from others?
  • How can I communicate ideas in Mandarin or Spanish to others around
  • the world?
  • How can developing skills in Mandarin or Spanish help me take action to improve conditions in the world?

All language instruction at PDS is centered upon the National Standards for Foreign Language Learning in the 21st Century, set forth by the American Council for Teaching of Foreign Language. Widely known as the “Five Cs,” these standards overlap with our essential questions by asking students to communicate in “real-life” situations, understand culture, connect language with other subject areas, compare languages and culture, and extend learning to outside communities.

Curriculum Guide: Global Education


Global Education

Our framework for global education at PDS is based on the belief that God has created our world and everything in it.

We have a responsibility to care for the earth and its resources. It is our desire for PDS boys to become globally competent citizens— feeling empowered to investigate the world around them and willing to communicate with a diverse audience about issues of global significance.

The PDS curriculum is centered on teaching for understanding and is aligned with the skills, knowledge, and dispositions that are required to be citizens in the diverse, dynamic global world of the 21st century. PDS teachers intentionally weave grade appropriate global content and competencies into all subject areas. Cross-curricularly, students are encouraged to think deeply about global issues and seek solutions to real world problems.

Throughout their years at PDS, students are encouraged to “see a need and meet that need”. As the future leaders of not just Memphis, but the global community, it is our hope to develop during these early years the boys’ desire and disposition to become godly men who take action ethically, critically, and creatively.

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