PDS Spirit - Summer 2014

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PDS Spirit - Summer 2014

Sometimes we all wondered if Lee Burns ever slept. He was constantly dreaming, researching, and planning. If ever there was a poster child for a life-long learner, it is Lee.

During the Lee Burns era, 2000–2014, Presbyterian Day School has been transformed into a national leader in the education of boys. What was always a strong school is now ever stronger, not just academically, but spiritually.

With this issue we celebrate and bid farewell to Lee and take a look back at the accomplishments of the last 14 years. Lee’s letter to the PDS community, “Upon Leaving” starts on page 2.

PDS and Memphis also transformed the Burns family. Lee and Sarah Burns arrived in Memphis as newlyweds, and will leave as a family of five. Sarah Burns’ “Reflections on Leaving Home” begins on page 28.

One of the accomplishments of the Burns era is the creation of an intrumental music program at PDS, which was run by Bill McMath. We lost Bill suddenly this Spring. Bill was the epitome of a Humble Hero, so you might not have known of some of his accomplishments in the music industry. Read more on page 32.

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