• Week of January 22

    Letter of the Week

    Letter Nn

    Math Skill

    Number 8, Sorting by size



    Character Trait

    The Pacesetter

    Nutrition Tip 

    Red Light, Green Light foods

    Bible Verse 

    "You must do what is right and good - this pleases the Lord" - Deuteronomy 6:18

    Parent Partnership 

    Respect - "I treat others as I would want to be treated." PK boys can show respect by using kind words and good manners, listening to what others have to say, following the rules, and helping others.

    Important Dates

    Monday, 21 January 2019
    Martin Luther King, Jr. - Holiday

    Friday, 01 February 2019
    Parent Conferences - No school for boys

Sandy Kilgore & Marlana Gruby Fri, Jan 18, 2019

During “M” week, Marvin the Monkey taught us his favorite things that begin with the /m/ sound.  We had fun singing along and thinking of MORE things that begin with M. We worked with magnets, sorted muffins, learned more about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr, and explored our mystery box.  Graphing   milkshake flavors helped us to add a step in our graphing skills, and it was even more fun to taste our favorite flavor on MILKSHAKE day! We found that letter M was one of the trickiest letters that we have built with our wood pieces. Please practice building your letters at home each night too!

We focused on recognizing and writing the number 7 this week.  How many days are in a week?  Have your son sing our “Days of the Week” songs for you!

We hope you have a magnificent weekend!

Marlana & Sandy


Spotlight on Special Areas - A message from Mrs. Zhen:

In PK, we have talked about four different colors which are red, white, blue and green in Mandarin. Also, we have read a story about Christmas and learned to sing "Jingle Bell".

Sandy Kilgore & Marlana Gruby Mon, Jan 14, 2019

We hope your new year is off to a lovely start! It has been so nice being back with our boys!!

LEARNING was the “key” idea for last week! We sang about Larry the Lion, which helped us think of words with the sound of “L”. We made linking chain patterns, worked on our laptops, practiced locking and unlocking letter locks, practiced our lacing skills, and snapped letters together to spell our names! “L” week was loads of fun!

We are working on recognizing our last names. You can help your son practice by writing your last name as he watches and hang it up around the house. Can he find it in the mail?

We hope you enjoyed your weekend!

Marlana & Sandy

Last modified on January 14, 2019
Sandy Kilgore & Marlana Gruby Fri, Dec 14, 2018

We had a kingly time at school this week and have enjoyed learning more about the Christmas story. We are working on several special ornaments that will be something to treasure!

We have reviewed our numbers and learned how to build the letter K. It has been fun singing about Katy the kangaroo, sorting special keys, and reading about the three kings that traveled to see baby Jesus.

Celebrating Christmas with our 6th grade buddies was the highlight of our week! We always enjoy our time together.


We hope you have a great weekend,

Marlana & Sandy

Thu, Dec 06, 2018

Pre-Kindergarten boys performed their annual Jingle and Mingle program on Thursday, December 6.

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