• Week of March 18

    Letter of the Week

    Letter Tt


    Bugs! Bugs! Bugs!

    Character Trait

    The Noble Knight - Live Honorably

    Bible Verse 

    "He is he noble, makes noble plans and stands for what is noble." - Isaiah 32:8

    Parent Partnership 

    PK March Focus: Cooperation - The language we use at PDS in EC is: "Cooperation is working and playing well with others."

    Important Dates

    Thursday, 28 March 2019
    Early Childhood Family Night

    Friday, 19 April 2019
    Good Friday - No School

Teresa Scott and Elizabeth Bell Fri, Mar 01, 2019

“R” week has been full of new words and projects! “Rowdy the Rodeo Rat” is a fun song to sing, and we have been reading about things that begin with the letter R. We created beautiful rain clouds, built the letter R with wood pieces, and cut and reformed robots,

The boys continued to sharpen their rhyming skills this week as we learned more about Dr. Seuss and his love of silly words that sound the same. Our Dr. Seuss-themed STEAM day was a fun way to celebrate this author and his special imagination! Thank you to Mrs. Brock and all parent volunteers that helped make this such a meaningful morning for the boys!

We’ve been hard at work practicing using construction tools to saw, measure, hammer, and build. Our guys have loved working with their hands in class. Everyone was really excited to dress up in rodeo gear on Friday, and we enjoyed learning about what goes on at actual rodeos!

We hope you have a great weekend!

Teresa and Elizabeth

Teresa Scott and Elizabeth Bell Sat, Feb 16, 2019

Our P week was packed with learning! We learned the song for Penelope Pig and talked about things that begin with the /p/ sound. We practiced our “pinch, pinch, pull” skills when opening our packages this week. We especially enjoyed our “P” snacks each day – potato chips, pretzels, and pita chips! We also practiced holding crayons and cutting paper. There are lots of “p” things to do at school! We are painting, pasting, and using our pencils. Playing with our puppets and playdoh was fun too.

We LOVED celebrating Valentine’s Day with our 6th grade buddies! We hope you have a wonderful winter break! We’ll see you on Tuesday!

Teresa and Elizabeth

Teresa Scott and Elizabeth Bell Fri, Feb 08, 2019

The boys did some OUTSTANDING work this week learning how to build letter O, singing Octopus Stew, counting o’s, and naming things that begin with the /o/ sound. They have also been working with number 9 and practicing their cutting skills. Everyone was over the moon about oranges and Oreos!

We practiced exhibiting our new character trait, Bold Adventurer, by sampling a food that not many boys had ever tasted – black and green olives! We were very proud of all of our brave boys for overcoming their fear of trying something new! We encourage you to let your son try something new this weekend. We would love for him to share with us on Monday how he was a Bold Adventurer!

We ended our week by discovering some interesting things about an octopus and an otter. See if your son can tell you something special about our eight-legged ocean friend!

Enjoy your weekend!

Teresa and Elizabeth

Spotlight on specials - A message from Mrs. Jheng:

We have talked about things in winter, snow, snowman and the color "white" (bai se).  We read a book about snowman, tried to touch the "snow", feel it is cold, soft, and pointed out the white things in the classroom.

Mrs. Jheng

Teresa Scott and Elizabeth Bell Fri, Jan 25, 2019

A Very Nice Week

N was our letter for the week! We learned a new song about Nellie the Nurse and how to build the letter N.  We looked for “N” things in our mystery box, matched numerals to their quantity, sorted birds of various sizes into their nests, built N’s with newspaper, and put together number puzzles!

We also focused on recognizing and writing the number 8 this week. Cutting 8 arms for our mystery sea creature next week was pretty tricky, but we are getting better and stronger with our scissors!

We are looking forward to visiting with you all at our upcoming winter conferences. Thank you for sharing your precious boys with us each day. We hope you enjoy your weekend!

Teresa and Elizabeth

Spotlight on specials - A message from Mrs. Watson:

Nos encanta la nieve! (We love snow!) Our unit for this month is “El Invierno” (Winter). During the last few weeks, we’ve talked about the weather during this time of the year. One day I brought some homemade “snow” to class, and the boys had the opportunity to touch it and describe it. They’ve practiced saying words like “blanco” (white) and “frio” (cold) in Spanish. They are also learning about what kinds of clothes we wear during this season.

In addition to our unit on winter, we continue practicing to count in Spanish from 1 to 20 and chanting the days of the week.

Stay warm!


Señora Watson

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