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Helping Your Son Live Out the November Virtue of the Month

Welcome to November! Our virtue of the month is the Servant Leader. Not sure what that means or how to help your son live that out? Keep reading for an adapted excerpt from our new book 7 Virtues of Godly Manhood:


Fortnite: Trick or Treat?

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

If you have a son at PDS, chances are you have heard of the video game Fortnite. The game was released in 2017 and has only grown in popularity since then—an estimated 78.3 million people played the game in the last month alone.

Fortnite is a collaborative game where players can compete alone or work as a team via headset, either with people they know first hand or strangers also playing the game. This game can be found on several gaming outlets: Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo, even cellphones.

Fortnite is everywhere you look these days, and because of its accessibility, violence, and addictiveness,it can be a pretty controversial topic—especially when you are asking what its place is in your family. It also opens up the conversation over whether to allow video games in your home at all.

The differing opinions are endless, and we believe it’s a matter of judgment, where there truly is no right or wrong answer if you are carefully considering what’s best for your family. To help you weigh the pros and cons, we reached out to two PDS families and one teacher, all three with different views on gaming in general and Fortnite specifically:


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