We bring out the best in boys


Our character education program is how we guide boys to leading a godly life. The program is integrated into nearly every corner of our campus (think chapel, class, and everyday interactions). It’s how we live and learn.

Each month, we focus on teaching one of our seven virtues of manhood – like the value of friendship and how to lead in bold and humble ways. Big lessons for little guys. In fact, we wrote the book on character education, Flight Plan: Your Mission to Become a Man.

And while our foundation is Christian, we’re open and welcoming to all faiths. That’s just one lesson we teach our boys.

The joy of giving

Our boys serve the world all year long. They’ve participated in shoe drives for Haiti, collected pajamas for the underprivileged, and helped build outdoor gyms for children in Costa Rica.

Parents are partners

It takes our best to build a better boy. That’s why PDS produces podcasts, hosts parent classes, and shares a Strategic Parenting Blog.



Building Boys, Making Men

The Seven Virtues of Manhood

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the best in

We bring out

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The definition of manhood we teach our boys:
A real man glorifies God by seeking an adventuresome life of purpose and passion as he protects and serves others.

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