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Re-Entry Planning for the 2020-2021 School Year

What's best

Re-Entry Planning for the 2020-2021 School Year

PDS is actively planning to begin school in the fall.

The leadership team of PDS has remobilized into planning teams.

The teams, listed below, meet weekly and have a total membership of over 30 people split into 6 teams.

The chair of each team will report to the Leadership Team each week during June.

Our goal is to have a solid plan for the start of the school year and communicate the plan to you mid-summer.

PDS Leadership Team

Cathy Kyle

Cathy Kyle

Interim Head of School
McKee Humphreys '95

McKee Humphreys '95

Assistant Head of School for Advancement
Laura Glenn

Laura Glenn

Head of Elementary
Debbie Todd

Debbie Todd

Head of Early Childhood
Mark Fruitt

Mark Fruitt

Principal of the Elementary Division
Melissa Smith

Melissa Smith

Chief Information Officer
Jill Kauffman

Jill Kauffman

Chief Financial Officer
Rachel Bishop

Rachel Bishop

Director Of Admission and Enrollment Management
Dennis Smith

Dennis Smith

Director of Athletics & Operations
Cheryl Burkart

Cheryl Burkart

Director of Administrative Supporting / Administrative Assistant for Cathy Kyle

Planning Committees

Health and Safety

Chair: Cathy Kyle
Update a decision matrix that informs how learning and operations should commence based on current conditions.

Teaching and Learning

Co-chairs: Laura Glenn and Debbie Todd
Create plans for delivering curriculum in a variety of modes and provide professional development for the faculty based on several different operational scenarios.

Finance Team

Chair: Jill Kauffman
Work closely with the Finance Committee of the PDS Board to create several different models for budgeting and operations.

Auxiliary Programs and Services Team

Chair: Mark Fruitt

Generate plans for the non-academic programming of the school including lunch, aftercare, summer programming, athletics, and After-School Adventures based on several scenarios.

Student Life Team

Chair: Mark Fruitt
Establish protocols to make sure the boys of PDS have their spiritual, social, and emotional wellness at the forefront of all we do.

Employee Relations Team

Chair: McKee Humphreys
Ensure the PDS employees are receiving the appropriate support and encouragement throughout the summer and next school year.

Possible Scenarios

Each planning team has a specific charge and a list of key questions that must be answered. All of the teams are looking at several different scenarios for the start of the school year. Each scenario has the safety of our boys and employees at the top of mind. Listed below are a few of the scenarios that we are considering. We are creating a variety of models to be prepared for numerous situations, and we will deploy the right model to fit the situation we find ourselves in at that moment.

The government and public health authorities will continue to provide both suggestions and mandates that may change our best planning at any point.

Based on current input from governmental agencies, we plan on being able to provide continuous education onsite for our YK-JK students to accommodate our families. The details of this plan will be developed throughout June.

Scenario 1

On-Campus Learning

Begin school in the fall and work with families who are unable to be on campus. Plan for online learning as needed.

Scenario 2

On-Campus Learning with Social Distancing

This option has many moving parts and teams are considering a long list of potential options. We will look closely at classroom size, large group meetings, movement around the school, lunch, creative daily and weekly scheduling, protective gear, and much more.

Scenario 3

Remote Learning for SK-6, On-Campus for YK, PK, JK

Continue providing remote learning. New protocols and procedures will be developed over the summer to support potential distance learning. Teacher professional development will continue over the summer to be ready for any scenario that requires distance learning.

Even if our SK-6 grade program is mandated to move online, we plan to offer in-person education for YK-JK.

Physical Campus

While specific decisions and plans will be finalized over the next several months as more information and updated public health guidelines are issued, strategies are being developed in the following areas including but not limited to:


COVID-19, antibody, and immunity testing for students and faculty.

Fever Checks

Temperature testing prior to entry.


Sanitizing the building utilizing CDC standards and implementing electrostatic cleaning wands.


Potential use of PPE (personal protection equipment) for students and staff.

Campus Security

Changes to visitor and vendor procedures.

Limiting Class Sizes

Modification of programs and events in compliance with limits on crowd sizes and social distancing measures.

Capacity Changes

Institution of capacity limits to allow for social distancing in spaces such as the Chapel, lunch room, gyms, etc.

Summer Camps

We hope to offer in-person summer camps in July and August and have rescheduled many of our June camps to the later half of the summer.

Smaller Groupings

Enrichment Camps are now limited to nine registrants, so that we can limit to groups of ten, including a faculty director. We will work with Camp PDS, Crusader Care, and Sports Camps to create groups of no more than ten. These groups will remain together during the week.

If a camp has already reached the nine registrant limit, you may join the waitlist, and we will be in touch if a spot opens up.

There is a possibility for some online options to replace and/or supplement in-person camps for the remainder of the summer. If we are unable to have in-person camps, we will fully refund registrants, including the $50 cancellation fee.

Answering Your Questions

The leadership of PDS is ready to help and answer any questions you may have. Please feel free to contact us for help in addressing your questions.

Our goal is to have a solid plan for the start of the school year and communicate the plan to you mid-summer. Thank you for your continued partnership during this unprecedented time.

Cathy Kyle

Cathy Kyle

Interim Head of School

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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