Why We Give - The Hill Family

Why We Give - The Hill Family

Kaylea and Hunter Hill

Parents of Hunt '23, Frances, and Annie

"PDS has been a blessing to our family! We could not imagine a better fit for our son. Our family is excited to give back to this school by participating in the Annual Fund!"

For nearly 75 years, Presbyterian Day School has been focused on academic excellence, Christian character development, and BOYS! These ideals are supported by The Annual Fund.

The Annual Fund reaches into every corner of campus. It impacts every boy who competes at Field Day on the newly re-turfed football field, every teacher who participates in cutting-edge professional development opportunities, and every guest who feels welcome on our campus with new and improved signage.

Will you join the faculty, families, and friends that believe in the mission, values, and traditions of PDS? You can help us keep the Happygrams flowing!

Support the Annual Fund

Parent Participation Contest!

Every donation, large or small, makes a difference in helping us educate and prepare young boys for success and a lifetime love of learning. If we want the best learning, we need the best teachers and resources — that’s costly — and not possible based solely on tuition. And that’s one place where the Annual Fund makes a difference.

The grade with the highest parent participation wins:

A Happygram Party!

Plus: Popsicles at lunch (not on ice cream day)
Plus: Jersey Day


The grade with the second highest parent participation wins:

Popsicles at Lunch!

(not on ice cream day)

Plus: Jersey Day


The grade with the third highest parent participation wins:

Jersey Day!


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