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PDS: A Quick Overview

The benefits of boys’ schools aren’t just in the core subjects. At PDS, every boy takes art classes, learns coding, and sings in the choir. Boys are soloists and actors; they hold all of the leadership positions.


  • 2-year-old boys through 6th grade
  • 485 boys enrolled, representing 35 different zip codes from across the Mid-South
  • Average class size: 17


Young Knights $6,590 - $12,720
Pre-Kindergarten $10,740 - $16,490
Junior Kindergarten $16,640 - $19,980
Senior Kindergarten $19,980
First-Third Grades $23,850
Fourth-Sixth Grades $24,600

Financial Aid

  • 20% of students receive financial assistance from PDS. More info


  • Over 70 teachers, coaches, and mentors serve the student body.
  • Over 70% of PDS teachers have earned advanced degrees.
  • Over 90% of PDS teachers have supplemental training from the Harvard Graduate School of Education.
  • PDS teachers are life-long learners; Ongoing professional development is in the DNA of the school.


  • PDS is located on a 29-acre campus in the heart of East Memphis.
  • The campus facilities are among the largest and finest for an elementary school nationwide.
  • A recent $20 million expansion included upgrades to the facilities, including the Early Childhood Center, EDGE Studio, Reading and Learning Center, Science Center, Christian Center, Lifetime Fitness Center, turf field, and gymnasium.


  • Founded by Second Presbyterian Church in 1949 at its current location at Poplar Avenue and Goodlett.
  • PDS added Junior Kindergarten in 1992, Pre-Kindergarten in 2005 and Young Knights in 2015.


  • The predominant, long-term focus of the academic program at PDS is on the development of critical and creative thinking skills and is increasingly customized to the learning profile of each boy.
  • Technology is integrated into the curriculum to not only reinforce basic foundational skills, but also to allow boys to collaborate, communicate, and create.
  • Approximately half of instructional time in reading and math is taught in small groups, utilizing our four learning specialists and three learning coaches in a dedicated learning studio.


  • Boys in 1st through 6th grades have Physical Education (PE) every day. Early Childhood boys have PE every other day.
  • In PE, boys learn the concepts of sportsmanship, teamwork, great effort, and a positive attitude.
  • 6th-grade graduates leave PDS with an overall lifetime fitness mindset that encourages them to continue to enjoy an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • All 4th, 5th, and 6th-graders are eligible to participate in the year-round, after-school intramural program.
  • PDS competes with other area schools and organizations in football (5th–6th grades), basketball (6th grade), cross country (6th grade), golf (6th grade), tennis (6th grade), and track (5th-6th grades).


  • PDS offers before-school and after-school care for boys.
  • After-school enrichment opportunities include both private lessons and classes in the arts, sciences, math, language arts, technology, athletics, and chess.
  • One-on-one tutoring for students who require additional support is available.
  • All day and half day summer camps are available for PK through 6th-grade students with specific camps focusing on academics and sports.


  • The Building Boys, Making Men program provides a framework for leading boys into godly manhood by developing a boy’s faith, character, and values.
  • Boys are taught about manhood and given a biblical framework for making wise choices during their teenage years and beyond.


  • In YK through SK boys receive instruction in both Mandarin and Spanish.
  • Beginning in 1st grade, boys specialize in either Mandarin or Spanish.
  • Boys are exposed to art and music daily in Early Childhood. Beginning in 1st grade, all boys participate in art, choral music, coding, and design thinking.


  • PDS administers an achievement test, developed specifically for independent schools, to boys in Grades 2–6.
  • In comparison to our nation’s leading independent schools, our boys consistently and significantly outperform their peers in all subjects.


  • Our 6th-grade graduates thrive in secondary schools of their choice.
  • Our most recent graduates have gone on to Harvard, Princeton, Vanderbilt, Virginia, Georgia Tech, Washington and Lee, New York University and many other top colleges.
  • Each year, our graduates earn millions of dollars in merit-based college scholarships.
  • The list of PDS graduates reads like a who’s who of the Memphis business community. Some notable PDS alums include Autozone founder J.R. “Pitt” Hyde ’55, FedEx founder Fred Smith ’56, and Paul Tudor Jones ’66.