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We Know Boys
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Presbyterian Day School Logo

Admission to PDS

The admission process at Presbyterian Day School is student-centered. Admission requirements vary by grade and are designed to assess a child’s readiness for PDS. We get to know every applicant and his family personally.
PDS does not discriminate on the basis of race, religious affiliation, color, national or ethnic origin, and physical handicap/disability in any of its admission policies and practices.

A school

That’s why each gets his own customized education plan and the support of our staff of learning specialists.

Boys are loud and messy and can't sit still. And that's completely okay. We're experts at directing that energy.

Our character education program, Building Boys, Making Men, is integrated into every corner of our campus.

Macbooks, Mandarin, Design Thinking, and Maker’s Club. Even our littlest guys are learning to code.