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Signature Programs


Playing an instrument is a skill that can bring joy for a lifetime. PDS has a vibrant band program and offers instruction during the day and after school for boys in grades 5 and 6. Nearly half of the students participate in the optional program.


Boys need more than lessons about what it means to follow God — they need to see examples of what it looks like in real life, and they need relationships that will encourage them to follow God themselves.

Cultural Expeditions Trips

Optional experiences for our 4th, 5th, and 6th grade boys designed to help them develop a global perspective.

STEAM Experiences

How do you get over 400 elementary school boys focused on learning when it’s 2 days until Fall Break? You go all in on STEAM learning.


Long before there was Twitter or Instagram or Facebook or any other online social media, there was the PDS Happygram. And while the social media electronic communication fads come and go, the decades-old Happygram is as popular as ever with teachers and students at PDS.


After school, PDS boys write for the student newspaper, play golf, build Lego cities, direct stop motion movies, master origami, make minecraft metropolises, and even launch rockets.

Crusader Cafe

Chicken sandwiches, chips, classical and classic rock music, and cheers! Crusader Cafe is an eclectic, student-led concert held during lunch.