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PDS Cultural Expeditions

Through our Cultural Expeditions, boys take Cultural Connection Trips to gain knowledge of their world and build the foundation for them to be the best local and global neighbors they can be.
As we strive to live out PDS’ mission, we build a foundation for our boys to grow in wisdom, stature, and favor, both with God and man. Our goal is to shape each boy as we prepare them to be global citizens who flourish in the world today. Part of this preparation includes exposing our boys to the world around them, starting locally and expanding outward along the way. Throughout this process, we will connect classroom knowledge with seminal experiences, broadening each boy's perspective and stirring up his imagination and curiosity of the world and its many cultures.

“The world is a book and those who do not  travel read only a page.”

St. Augustine



4th Grade: April 23-25, 2025

Boys will receieve a crash course on the Volunteer state. On this trip, the boys will broaden their knowledge by experiencing important cultural sites of our state, such as the State Capitol, Smoky Mountain National Park, and the Cumberland Caverns.

National: Part 1

5th Grade: Oct 27-Nov 1, 2024

This trip is intended to immerse our boys in the functions of our federal government, our nation’s history, and to experience one of the most important cities of the world.

National: Part 2

6th Grade: April 6-11, 2025

Boys will visit various sites which will touch on the history of the Revolutionary War, places that made America into the melting pot it is today, the bedrock of our financial institution, and our recent history at the 9/11 Memorial.



May 29-June 4, 2025

Our London trip is for 5th & 6th grade families including parents and siblings (Grades 6-12). The trip is an optional summertime excursion for PDS boys. Parent or legal guardian required.


June 22-28, 2025

This year’s PDS Outdoor trip will be a five day excursion through two of our nation’s most beautiful national parks: Yellowstone and Grand Teton. The boys will enjoy scenic views of wildlife, geysers, waterfalls, and lakes as they hike and bike their way through this camping trip in Montana and Wyoming.

He Scholarship

The He Family Scholarship for Cultural Expeditions

He Family Foundation

With the expansion of the PDS Cultural Expeditions Program, we desire for every boy to participate and have these seminal experiences. Through the He Family Scholarship provided by the He Family Foundation, boys with financial need are able to step into historical spaces and cities to understand the culture and experience those locations play in our history.

The He Family Scholarship for Cultural Expeditions is a need based scholarship providing over 10 students the opportunity to participate in the Cultural Expeditions Program.

Each student receiving the scholarship submits a short reflection paper on his time and learning on the respective trip.

For more information on our Cultural Expeditions program, contact Tony Rudzena.

Jenny Lake
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