Mask Policy through the End of the School Year

Mask Policy through the End of the School Year

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by Cathy Kyle

Today, May 12, the Shelby County Health Department will announce a directive which will take effect on Saturday, May 15. Included in the health directive is a change to the mask mandate from requiring masks to recommending them.

The directive also indicates that businesses and schools may still require masks. With only two weeks of school remaining, everyone on the PDS campus will continue wearing masks until the end of school. At a later date, we will announce our decision regarding masks for summer programs and the 2021-2022 school year.

I was on a call with the health department last Thursday. They predict that one in five new cases will be children. As more adults are vaccinated, COVID will spread to those not vaccinated. The health department and the CDC continue to recommend that masks be worn inside around unvaccinated individuals.

We want our students to finish their studies, attend their class day programs and class parties, and we want our 6th graders to be in the sanctuary receiving their diplomas. PDS respectfully requests that your children continue to bring and wear masks to school for the remainder of the school year and that parents continue to wear masks inside the school, Fellowship Hall, and the church.

Thank you so much for your support with this policy.


Cathy Kyle
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