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November 11, 2021

Dear PDS Community:

It's been a great first trimester of learning, activities, special events, and wide-ranging experiences for the boys. Highlights of this trimester have been seeing our parents around campus and our "academic village," so to speak, returning to normal life again. Parent meetings, the Jamboree, the Book Fair, and presentations by classes are all important moments for our PDS community. It would take a full yearbook of images and comments to reflect on all that happens in a trimester at PDS. We hope this new newsletter called Knightlife will capture just a few snapshots into life at PDS over the last few weeks.

PDS has always been a pacesetter in boys’ education. No matter the day of the week or the season of the year, what we do best is offer boys a challenging, forward-looking educational experience designed to capture their curiosity and energy while teaching them about the true pacesetter, Jesus Christ. This is a school that has always remained true to its mission and calling. As I walk hallways, join classes, and interact with the boys and faculty, I see this very intentional mission in action.

Sitting in on Señora Moore's Spanish Class

Sitting in on Señora Moore's Spanish Class

I have thoroughly enjoyed joining classes this first trimester and taking part in various grade levels and learning experiences. It is exciting to see the boys problem solving, laughing, collaborating, and competing. The impression I take away from my visits to classrooms and observations of the student experience is of an outstanding faculty that continually innovates and always strives to challenge and meet the needs of each boy. They hold high standards of excellence, yet make learning fun and exciting.


I had the privilege earlier this week of joining several of our teachers and administrators in Nashville for the Tennessee Association of Independent Schools (TAIS) Biennial Conference. The highlight of the conference was joining a session led by PDS’ Mark Fruitt, Laura Glenn, and school counselor, Tom Edwards, on developing emotional intelligence in boys. Their presentation was a demonstration of the character traits, virtues, and emotional intelligence woven through our curriculum and delivered to each boy throughout their time at PDS. It was an honor to see our educators leading the way!

Lastly, the school has been blessed to have Jill Kauffman as CFO over the last 16 years. Her steady leadership and financial acumen have helped steward the school to its current status. We are incredibly grateful for Jill's leadership and wish her the best as she retires. We also welcome our new CFO, Ross Hurst. You can read more about Ross’ background here. We are very excited to welcome Ross to our Leadership Team and are grateful for the leadership he will bring to PDS.

Jill Kauffman

Jill Kauffman

Retiring CFO

Ross Hurst

Incoming CFO

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