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Get Ready to Bid!

User accounts have been reset for this year's auction, so make sure you're ready to bid by creating an account on the auction site. Be sure to pick a fun username that will keep your competitors in the dark on who they're bidding against!

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March Mania Auction Catalog 2024

This online auction would not be possible without the kind donations and unwavering support of all our donors. Thank you for supporting Presbyterian Day School!

The proceeds from the PDS March Mania Online Auction go to support financial aid, professional development for faculty, campus security, and more for our PDS boys.

2024 March Mania Auction Committee:

  • Stephanie Bailey
  • Allie Baty
  • Brittany Myers-Cobb
  • Sarah Conrad
  • Haven Haynes
  • Brittney Haynie
  • Nicole Lytle
  • Lauren Pharr Parks
  • Hattie Rounder
  • Rebekah Tashie
  • Susannah Whitehead
  • Samantha Wallace

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