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Extracurricular & Special Areas

After-School Programs

August 04, 2020

A vibrant after-school program can be an important part of a child’s school experience and development. It can, among other things, give him an opportunity to explore and nurture new talents, experience success, and/or build upon classroom experiences during the day.

Several components, all under the ultimate leadership and coordination of both the Dean of Students and the Director of the Tutoring and Enrichment Center, constitute the after-school program at PDS.

Should a boy have less than satisfactory conduct, the school reserves the right to restrict or prohibit his participation in after-school activities.

AfterSchool Adventures

Boys in grades PK–6 may sign up for a wide variety of activities that meet after school. These sessions, which typically last for an hour, are led either by PDS faculty or by a respected vendor or member of the community, and include classes ranging from Taekwondo to Theatre, Chess to Legos.

A complete listing of the various offerings and their schedules for each semester will be both published to the website and sent home as a handout. Registration for all classes will be online.

Looking to register for an AfterSchool Adventure? Look for them on our event registration page.


For more information on AfterCare, see the AfterCare handbook entry.

Intramural Athletics

Football, Basketball, and soccer are offered for boys in grades 4–6.

More about Intramural Athletics

Tutoring & Enrichment Center

PDS offers both private tutoring sessions and after-school academic classes during both the school year and the summer.

For more information on tutoring, contact Laura Glenn.


Playing an instrument is a skill that can bring joy for a lifetime. PDS has a vibrant band program and offers instruction during the day and after school for boys in grades 5 and 6. Nearly half of the students participate in the optional program. Our boys receive both small group instruction and full-band rehearsals in two different levels. For more information about band, contact Terry Himebook, band teacher.

Private Art and Music Lessons

Nurture your son’s creative side by enrolling him in private art or music lessons. Sessions are billed per half-hour and instructors’ abilities range from painting and sculpting to piano, guitar, violin, mandolin, ukulele, and drums.

More information on the private lessons.