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Memphis Christmas Traditions - Pageants, Lights, Decorations, and More

Posted on | Mike Bullard

At this special time of year, our thoughts turn to Christmas traditions: who can forget Goldsmith’s Enchanted Forest, which lives on at the Pink Palace — the perfect location to pass a wish list to Santa? Or piling into the station wagon to head to Shelby Farms for Starry Nights?

Instrumental music teacher Bill McMath, who passed away in 2014, was part of a Memphis musical tradition — the song “Christmas in Memphis.” In 1985, McMath participated in the recording of “Christmas in Memphis” as a member of the Media General Singers, a group of local radio station jingle musicians and singers. Our 2014 Christmas Pageant is dedicated to the memory of Mr. McMath and includes a performance of “Christmas in Memphis.”

We hope all of our parents are making plans to attend our annual Christmas Pageant. Boys in red bows are a treasured PDS tradition.

Shared traditions unite us as a community. During this first year of Mr. Hancock’s tenure, many conversations have revolved around the stories and traditions of Presbyterian Day School and Memphis that bind us all together. As this first half of his first year comes to a close, he now knows why we have fair food one day a year, even if we don’t get a day off to attend the fair.

As in previous years, this year’s Christmas Pageant will be filmed and posted here on the website so you can share it with your friends and family.


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