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Five Reasons to Choose a Private School in Memphis

Posted on | Mike Bullard

Shelby County Schools, along with all the municipal school systems in the area, offer a number of great options for your children. So why would you send your child to a private school? Is it really worth the expense? Here are five reasons you should consider taking a closer look at a private education for your kids:


Small Class Sizes

This is always high on parents’ wish lists. Why is the teacher-to-student ratio important? Because with small classes, your child will not get lost in the shuffle. Your child will receive more personalized attention.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Teachers hired at private schools are put under greater scrutiny than those hired at public schools. Many times, they will actually audition for the job. Private school teachers are also more likely to hold master's degrees. In addition, private schools spend significant resources to provide continuing education to teachers. Professional development is a nonnegotiable in great private schools.

Focus on Learning

Increasingly, public schools are focusing on test scores. Many public schools will spend months preparing to take standardized tests — tests that are required by law. Schools that underperform on standardized tests may receive less funding. But in private schools, this is not an issue. Teachers have the luxury of teaching children to learn. A great private school will teach kids how to think, not what to think. The idea of “teaching to the test” is not an issue.

First-Rate Facilities and Programs

In today’s public schools, the bottom line drives everything. This often means cutting nonessential programs. The first programs to be cut are usually sports, arts, and extracurricular activities. At private schools, you will find an abundance of these programs, with the staff and facilities to support them. The balance between these programs and standard academic programs is a major selling point of most private schools.

Parental Involvement

Many public schools keep the parents at arms’ length. They expect the parents to back off and let them teach. But at private schools, parent involvement is not only encouraged, but also expected.



These are just a few reasons you might choose a private school education for your child. There are many other reasons, of course. Whether you are considering a public or a private school, take some time and think about what you want to get out of your child’s education. Make a list of what you are looking for. Your child’s education is important. Find the best school for your child’s needs and yours. 

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