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Unmatched Security at PDS

Posted on | Dennis Smith

Keeping the boys of PDS safe and secure is of paramount importance. As we seek to know, nurture and love each and every boy on our campus, we must provide a safe place for them to explore. At PDS our security team is always ready to keep our boys out of harm’s way.

Our four, dedicated security officers are full-time employees of PDS. The officers are invested in our boys and faculty and bring a professionalism that is unmatched. Constantly rotating throughout the campus, our officers are continually assessing our 29 acre campus. 

We invest heavily in the continuing professional development of our officers. When the boys and faculty are away from campus, our guards receive customized training. Multi-day training operations take place in the hallways of our school. Under the supervision of local law enforcement, our security professionals encounter many different scenarios all designed to keep our PDS family safe. We review the feedback from the Memphis SWAT team and change policies to reflect current best practices. Our partnership with the local police departments is unmatched and our officers routinely receive praise for their professionalism and commitment to always being ready.

Interview with Vonzell Cribbs, Head of Security

Q: How long have you served PDS?
A: I have been an officer at PDS since 2008 and became Head of Security in 2012

Q: What do you enjoy about your position?
A: I love being with the boys, faculty and staff of PDS. However, most importantly, I love the satisfaction of keeping everyone safe.

Q: What did you do prior to PDS?
A: Prior to my time at PDS I was an officer with Imperial Security. My first job was working in the family business as a brick layer.

Q: How do you help ensure PDS is safe?
A: As a team, we are always discussing strategies to keep the campus safe. I am never more than two minutes away from any place on campus. As the Head of Security, I am constantly on call for PDS, and I believe we are one of the safest schools in Memphis. We are always working on getting better through training.

Q: How do you interact with the boys?
A: I love talking with the boys about sports. On occasion, I have stopped a boy from running into traffic. These experiences give me the opportunity to speak with the boys about always being safe.

Q: Tell us a bit about the other officers.
A: The officers at PDS are very qualified professionals. They have been well-trained in all aspects of safety and security from active shooters to earthquakes. We work well as a team and are unified in purpose to keep PDS safe.