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New Program: Cultural Expeditions

New Program: Cultural Expeditions

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by Brad Sewell

Today, we are excited to announce the launch of the Cultural Expeditions Program at PDS! We passionately believe in experiential education and giving boys first-hand experiences. As we strive to live out PDS’ mission, our goal is to set a foundation for boys to grow in wisdom, stature, and favor, both with God and man.

As we prepare them to be global citizens who flourish in the today’s world, Cultural Expeditions will form a significant part of preparation that includes exposing our boys to the world around them, starting locally and expanding outward along the way. Throughout this process, we will connect classroom knowledge with seminal experiences, broadening each boy’s perspective and stirring up his imagination and curiosity of the world and its many cultures. Through this program, boys will take Cultural Connection Trips to gain knowledge of their world and build the foundation for them to be the best neighbors they can be.

To learn more about the Cultural Expeditions Program, peruse the website and see what’s on the horizon. Boys will learn and experience what’s nearest to them before diving into historical and cultural experiences beyond Memphis and Tennessee. Through these immersive experiences beyond the classroom, our desire is to foster independence, connect knowledge, expand perspectives, ignite their curiosity, and affect their disposition for learning.

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