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Help Us Streamline EC Carpool Pickup

Help Us Streamline EC Carpool Pickup

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by Winston Baccus

EC Parents,

If you arrive early to pick-up your boys, please turn into the lot beside the football field and wrap around to the spot shown on this map to queue. Because EC boys dismiss at different times, it can create congestion in the line if you arrive during another grade’s pick-up time.

Early Childhood Carpool

  • All EC carpools enter from Central Avenue.
  • Early Room is available beginning at 7:20am in the Early Childhood Center.
  • Morning carpool begins at 7:30am at the Early Childhood Center entrance.
  • Students are tardy after 8:00am and must be walked to the Early Childhood lobby by a parent for sign in.
  • All cars must pull through the carpool line. Do not park and walk your child into school.
  • Never stand and watch your child cross the carpool line.
  • Do not engage teachers in conversation during carpool.
  • Put your car in park when your son is exiting or entering the car.
  • Do not allow your son to hang out of the car window or sunroof at any time.


Carpool Map - EC Dropoff
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Carpool Map - Afternoon Pickup - EC
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As a reminder, here are all of the class dismissal times for regular days:

Normal Schedule Dismissal Times

Class Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri Wed
YK, PK, morning 11:45am 11:45am
YK, full day 2:20pm 1:45pm
PK, full day 2:20pm 1:45pm
JK, full day 2:30pm 2:00pm
SK 2:40pm 2:15pm
1st 2:50pm 2:30pm
2nd 2:50pm 2:30pm
3rd 3:00pm 2:30pm
4th-6th 3:10pm 2:45pm
Class Mon, Fri Tue, Thu Wed
PK, 3/2 11:45am 2:20pm 1:45pm
JK, 3/2 12:00pm 2:30pm 2:00pm

General Carpool Procedures

Since PDS shares parking and common areas with the Second Presbyterian Church, it is necessary to coordinate traffic so that each institution might assure the safety of all individuals. When picking up or dropping off your child, please abide by the following guidelines:

  • Drive with extreme caution before, during, and after school.

  • Watch for children crossing the driveways.

  • Observe all stop signs and crosswalks.

Please allow extra time and a good measure of patience and grace. We would respectfully request that parents picking up or dropping off children follow these guidelines:

  • Do not block driveways and/or park under the porches connecting the buildings

  • Do not park in front of the school. If you park, please use the west parking lot in front of the gym.

  • Do not park in reserved spaces and spaces marked by yellow or red curbs

  • On days of special school activities, parking in the immediate area is extremely difficult. Please do not abandon your car in the driveway. Use the lot east of the Sanctuary and the additional lot across Goodlett

  • Because of the extremely heavy traffic in the morning and afternoon, we ask that you do not make a left hand turn onto Poplar from the one-way drives on either side of the school building. A right turn may be inconvenient, but it is considerably safer and will ease the backup of traffic onto Poplar.

  • The Central Avenue driveway on the east side of the school building is one-way during carpool times only. It is a two-way driveway at all other times.

  • Do not use your cell phones, PDAs, or devices used for emailing, texting, internet browsing, etc. A momentary distraction could have a deadly result.

  • Do not form double lines.

  • Abide by the guidelines set for your son’s particular grade level.

  • Parents may not pick up boys at any of the school playgrounds.

  • Do not allow your child to stand up in the car with his head through the sunroof.

  • Do not transport more children in your car than you have seatbelts; you must be able to buckle in every child in your vehicle.

  • Faculty members on carpool duty will not allow a driver to leave the parking lot if he/she does not have enough seat belts for every child in the vehicle.

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