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Elementary Boys to Experience Solar Eclipse on Monday

Elementary Boys to Experience Solar Eclipse on Monday

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by Laura Glenn

Dear Elementary Parents,

This Monday, April 8, PDS Elementary boys will witness something that won’t happen again for 20 years — a solar eclipse!

While the partial eclipse will last nearly three hours, we will focus our viewing time around the maximum partial eclipse in Memphis. In order to be ready for 98% totality around 1:55pm, elementary students will join together on the football field beginning at 1:45 pm and plan to stay for half an hour.

PDS boys will be given glasses made by one of NASA’s recommended manufacturers, American Paper Optics. The solar glasses are made with 2 mil scratch-resistant black polymer lenses that filter out 100% of harmful ultraviolet and infrared rays and 99.999% of intense visible light. The glasses are lab tested and meet the transmission requirements of ISO 12312–2 (Filters for Direct Observation of the Sun).

To witness this event, safety is paramount. We will instruct the boys on the importance of protecting their eyes while viewing the eclipse. Instruction for using the glasses will be provided to all students, along with in-class demonstrations and practice prior to the eclipse. Special attention will be given to ensure that the glasses properly fit our students and that all students witnessing the eclipse maintain correct positioning of the protective eyewear while viewing the eclipse.

While we are eager for our students to view the eclipse, we certainly understand if you do not wish for your son to participate in the viewing. Students whose parents do not permit them to view the eclipse will assemble inside the school building from 1:45–2:15 to view footage of the eclipse from across the United States. If you prefer your son not participate in the outdoor viewing, please complete the opt-out form by Friday (April 5) afternoon.

We look forward to this amazing phenomenon!


Laura Glenn

Laura Glenn
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