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Language Track Choice for 1st Grade

Language Track Choice for 1st Grade

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by Laura Glenn

Dear SK Parents,

Let me first welcome you to the Elementary Division! First grade is a special place. I know that because I spent nine years in a PDS first-grade classroom, and I often find my way back to read a book or stop to listen to one of their many stories while I’m walking down the hallway. My office is located at the end of the first-grade hallway so the sounds and smells of first grade are not far away!

During his time in the Early Childhood Division, your son was exposed to both Mandarin and Spanish classes. However, upon entering first grade, he will begin a singular world language track in either Spanish or Mandarin. Many of you already have in mind which language your son will continue. Others are uncertain about which you will choose. Please remember that whichever language you choose, both will benefit your son and enrich his educational experience. Our world language teachers suggest that you consider the following items when making your decision.

  • How do you envision your son using the language? (Ex: travel, future business, study abroad, etc.) This might draw you closer to either Mandarin or Spanish.
  • Consider your family needs. Does your son have a relative who speaks either language? Do you travel as a family to an area where a particular language is spoken? Both of these situations give your son an opportunity to apply what he is learning outside of the classroom and can be a great motivational tool.
  • The perceived difficulty of a language should not be a deciding factor. Talk with your son about which language he feels most comfortable and confident learning. Although you may consider one language more difficult than the other, young children don’t have the prior knowledge of grammar (simpler to adults in Mandarin) and alphabet systems (simpler to adults in Spanish) to create these self-imposed limitations.

Remember you are choosing a language, not a teacher. Make sure your son understands that his current Spanish or Mandarin teacher will not be his teacher in the upper grades at PDS. Finally, once you have made this decision, your son will continue with that language through the sixth grade. Students will not be allowed to change language tracks once the initial decision has been made.

We would appreciate you taking a moment to let us know of your decision by submitting this form by June 14th. I look forward to welcoming each of your sons into the Elementary Division this year.

Best regards,

Laura Glenn
Head of Elementary

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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