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Cultural Connections Trip: Outdoors

Yellowstone and Grand Tetons

Limited Capacity

This trip is an optional summertime excursion for ten PDS boys with priority registration for 6th grade boys.

Among the litany of summer program options, the goal for this PDS Outdoor Trip is to provide families with another camp option for their boys as they are looking for summer camp opportunities for the summer of 2024.

This year’s PDS Outdoor trip will be a five day excursion through two of our nation’s most beautiful national parks: Yellowstone and Grand Teton. The boys will enjoy scenic views of wildlife, geysers, waterfalls, and lakes as they hike and bike their way through this camping trip in Montana and Wyoming.

5th and 6th Grade:
June 22-28, 2025
Registration begins in Fall 2024

$3,100 per person

West Yellowstone
Jackson Hole Antlers
Boat on Jenny lake
Grand Teton National Park
Upper Geyser Basin
Grand Teton Highest Point 2
Jenny Lake
Old Faithful Geyser
Jackson Hole Tourist
West Yellowstone 2
Yellowstone National Park

Sample Itinerary

Day 1

Leave Memphis for Salt Lake City Flight
Arrive at Salt Lake City
Check into hotel

Day 2

Breakfast at hotel
Leave hotel in 15 passenger van for Yellowstone National Park
Hike to Grand Prismatic Hot Spring
Dinner and Camp near West Yellowstone, Montana

Day 3

Breakfast at campsite
Wildlife Spotting Tour
Hike Grand Canyon of Yellowstone
Tour the town of West Yellowstone
Dinner and Camp near West Yellowstone, Montana

Day 4

Hike Upper Geyser Basin area
Tour Old Faithful Geyser
Travel to Grand Teton National Park
Explore and Hike area around camp grounds
Dinner and Camp at Grand Teton National Park

Day 5

Breakfast at camp
Biking Trip to Jenny Lake
Take Boat Shuttle across Jenny Lake for hiking
Afternoon and Evening exploration of Jackson, Wyoming
Dinner in Jackson
Return to Campground in Grand Teton

Day 6

Breakfast at Camp
Tour Mormon Row Historic Site
Guided hike to an alpine lake to view the highest point, Grand Teton (13,776 ft.)
Travel back to Salt Lake City
Check into Hotel

Day 7

Breakfast at Hotel
Depart for flight to Memphis

Frequently Asked Questions

Which faculty will chaperone the trip?
Tony Rudzena oversees the trip while Jackson Boyd (Eagle Scout with over 30 years of Camping/Outdoor experience) will be accompanied by another member of the faculty as the chaperone. Depending on the year, the faculty member accompanying Jackson Boyd may include Head of School Brad Sewell, Palmer Albertine, Luke Wise, Paul Warner, and potentially others. Communications will be sent during the trip via Remind App with pictures of your son each day.
Are scholarships available for the Optional Outdoor Cultural Expeditions Trips?
Since this is an optional trip for the summer, we will not provide scholarships for these Outdoor Trips.
Who can go on this trip?

The maximum number of boys that can go on this trip is 10. Registration will be first come, first serve, with 6th graders getting priority registration. Parents who register their boy after the 10 registration spots are filled will be put on a waitlist and notified if someone drops out.

After the 6th grade priority registration deadline on September 28th, 5th graders will be allowed to register on a first come, first serve basis IF we do not have the full registration of 10 boys on September 29th. If the 6th Graders fill out all 10 registration spots during 6th grade priority registration, we will notify 5th grade parents that registration for 5th graders will not be available.

What hotel will we stay at for the first and last day of the trip?

Residence Inn by Marriott
Salt Lake City Downtown
285 West Broadway
Salt Lake City, UT 84101

How will camping be supervised?
On this Outdoor trip, we will be staying at two overnight campgrounds near Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park. Boys will sleep in individual tents at a campsite and accompanied by their chaperones and by two highly experienced professional tour guides (who are certified wilderness first responders).
What is the cost of the Outdoor Trip?
The cost is $3100 covering overnight camping fees, National Park fees, majority of meals, 15 passenger van, hotel, expert tour guides, all camping gear (spacious tents, warm sleeping bags, sheets and pillows), and faculty chaperones. Food costs for a total of three meals (on travel days), snacks, and souvenirs are excluded.
Is the cost of food included in our trip?
Food costs are included for the majority of meals we have on the 5 day camping trip. The cost of three total meals on travel days from Memphis to Salt Lake City and back will be each boy’s responsibility. We suggest that each student budget $20 for each of the meals as well as money for snacks and souvenirs. Faculty will help boys look after and allocate their money as needed or requested.
What should I wear?
We always provide a packing list of items to be worn on the trip.
Is there a dress code on the trip?
No. Check the packing list for what to pack in regards to clothes.
Where are the overnight camps located?
Each year may be different, depending on availability. We will typically stay at Yellowstone National Park campsites and Grand Teton campsites.
Am I allowed to carry a backpack to the places we visit?
Yes you will need to bring a backpack.
What electronics am I allowed to bring?
Electronics are not allowed on Cultural Expedition Trips. Daily communications are sent through Remind App and trip chaperones.
What should I pack?

Layering your clothing is the key to staying comfortable while hiking. Weather conditions can be unpredictable, so prepare for all possibilities. With many parts of our trips camping at higher altitudes, prepare for cooler temperatures in the evenings. We recommend that you pack a duffel bag for easy storage in the storage trailer at camp. A small backpack can be used to carry items with you throughout the day.

For more information on our Cultural Expeditions program, contact Tony Rudzena.