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Tips for Selecting the Perfect Private School for Your Child

Posted on | Rachel Bishop

Selecting an independent school for your child is a big decision. Therefore, it can seem overwhelming and a bit daunting. Here are a few tips to help make the admission process to an independent school a little less stressful.

There is no substitute for a school visit.

When you visit a school, be sure to stay long enough to learn what the day will be like and how the school program’s size and structure will fit your child. Ask a lot of questions to make sure it is the right choice. Ask yourself, “Can I imagine my child at this school?”

Review each school’s requirements carefully.

All schools have different admission procedures. Generally, you must complete each school’s application form to trigger the rest of the admission process. It is up to you to keep track of what each school requires and to make sure all the parts get turned in. Keep in mind that the school’s admission office is there to assist in this process.

Pay attention to application deadlines.

Do your best to meet the deadlines. However, if you don’t, some schools have what is called rolling admission and admit students throughout the year. Unlike public schools who have registration in the summer, private schools begin the admission process in the fall of the year prior to your child beginning school.

Don't put pressure on your child.

Generally the goal of the school interview/visit day is to evaluate the child’s readiness for the program, possibly including number and letter recognition, fine and gross motor skills, etc. You want your child to feel comfortable and relaxed. There is no need for any kind of preparation.

Finally, go with your gut!

You know your child best. There are a lot of schools to choose from, but you have to select the one that you think can best meet your child’s needs.

Navigating the ins and outs of applying to schools can be challenging. However, remembering these five suggestions can help with the admission process.


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