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Video - PDS Boys Bring Fresh Water to Steadman Village, Zambia

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As part of their Design Thinking class, last year’s 4th-grade boys (2014–2015 school year) decided to take on the challenge of raising money to build a well in Zambia. They made a presentation to the rest of the elementary student body at a chapel service, served as “water waiters” at a Crusader Cafe to raise awareness, and desiged informational kiosks that served as receptacles for donations.

This week, we received a video from Water 282 showing the results: fresh water for the people of Steadman Village!

Steadman Village

“ While being a water waiter I was thinking of how all of the fourth grade became need finders and found a place in the world that doesn’t fit. That place was Steadman Village. They didn’t fit because they had to drink dirty water while we are serving hundreds of clean cups of water without a thought. I was also thinking about what could happen if all of Memphis, Shelby County, Tennessee, The USA and even all of this world would get involved and be a water warrior… then we would stop all of the water crisis and other terrible , no good, very bad things. I have a new empathy for third world countries. … These people have so little and yet are still full of hope and faith that help will come.”

“Connecting to Steadman Village made me feel that I was needed globally. I can make an effect on the people in Zambia by ending thirst for somebody.”

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