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Allen Benners Morgan, Jr. '55

Allen Benners Morgan, Jr. '55

At the age of 27, Morgan started a brokerage firm with a friend. This firm, Morgan Keegan, grew and as it did, Morgan gained respect within the financial services industry. He served as Chairman and CEO from 1969 until 2003, and he was Chairman of Morgan Keegan and Vice Chairman of Regions Financial until his retirement in 2007.

Morgan and his wife Musette have three adult children, Kendall Morgan Rhodes, Musette Morgan, and Worth Morgan ’99.

In 1994, Morgan was named Entrepreneur of the Year by the Society of Entrepreneurs in Memphis. In 1995, Financial World magazine honored him as one of three outstanding CEO’s in the securities industry.

Allen was recognized as Presbyterian Day School 2014 Distinguished Alumnus.

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Allen Benners Morgan, Jr. '55
Former Chairman and CEO of Morgan Keegan and Former Vice Chairman of Regions Financial
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Director of Memphis Teacher Residency

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