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Just Like Me - Parenting with Grace

Posted on | Braxton Brady

Does God lose His temper with me or raise His voice in exasperation?

Make no mistake about it, being a father is not an easy task. Not only can fatherhood be a difficult assignment, but it can be down right frustrating at times. Our kids know just how to push our buttons.

Unfortunately, if they are anything like me, that skill will sharpen as he moves into their teen years! Their escapades have ranged from mistaking my “come here please” for “run from Daddy with all your might.”

Why doesn’t this child listen, I often ask myself. How many times have I said, “Don‘t do that son”, only to be met with a complete lack of obedience. Will this child ever listen? Then it hits me like a ton of bricks. My son is just like me. How many times has Father said, “Don’t do that son”, but I do it. “That’s not what you have been taught son,” but I continue to disobey. What kind of reaction does this disobedience garner?

Does God lose His temper with me or raise His voice in exasperation?

Thankfully, He does not. He showers me with an abundant grace. The minute I repent, it’s as if my wrong doing never happened. I am clean in the eyes of my Father.

Fathers, are we not called to show the same grace to our kids as our heavenly Father shows us?

What if God quickly lost His temper every time we went astray or disobeyed?

If you are like every other human on this planet, you might not ever get out of trouble. If we can only give our kids a glimpse of the unconditional love of God and the concept of true grace, they will be better equipped to accept it.

Now go and build that bond that is so special between a father and son. Love unconditionally and show grace and mercy in your discipline.