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Strategic Parenting Guide, January 2014: The Moral Motivator

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Strategic Parenting: Reinforce These Virtues at Home

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At the beginning of each month, we'll be providing parents with talking points and action points to complement what we're doing at school. It's all about strategic parenting.

Cast Vision: Virtue of the Month

The Moral Motivator

  1. Moral Motivators “make a difference”
  2. Moral Motivators care deeply about the poor

Communicate Truth: Monthly Scripture

"Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me." Matthew 25:40

  • Memorize this scripture together this month
  • Teach your son what Jesus means when he says “the least of these”

Commit to Discipleship Teaching Points

  1. Talk with your son about the similarities and differences between the wealthy and the poor.
  2. Make a list with your son of practical ways that your family could care for the poor.
  3. Talk with your son about the reasons why people do not care for the poor like they should.

Champion Service

Find a ministry in your city that serves the poor and find out how your family can serve them this month. It could be donating food and clothes or serving at the facility.

Chief Memory Maker

Have a clean out day. Go through the closets, the attic, and other storage spaces to see what items you are not using and can be given to someone in need.

Make a day of it by delivering the items to a place that can give them away and then discuss the process as a family.

Howard Graham

Howard Graham served as Chaplain at PDS and Executive Director of the Building Boys, Making Men program from 2018-2020.

Building Boys, Making Men is a PDS-created program designed to give boys a godly vision and definition of manhood. We believe that boys should be intentionally taught about authentic manhood and have a biblical framework for making wise and edifying choices during their teenage years and beyond. The definition of manhood we teach our boys:

A real man glorifies God by seeking an adventurous life of purpose and passion as he protects and serves others.