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Answering Boys' Questions about the Journey to Manhood

Posted on | Braxton Brady

Can you answer these questions? Will you?

I asked this question to seven boys this morning:

If you could have one question answered about the journey ahead, what would it be?


Here are their questions:

  1. How is life different as a man?
  2. What does it mean to be a godly man? What does that look like? (two questions I know; he is an overachiever)
  3. How will puberty affect me?
  4. How do your emotions change as you get older?
  5. How much more stressful is a job than school?
  6. What will my future wife think about me?
  7. How do I handle adversity?

I thought these were great questions and give us great insight into what boys are thinking when it comes to the journey ahead.

I also think it is a challenge to fathers to make sure they can answer these questions in the context of what it means to be a godly man. This means that we have to be proactive in our parenting.

We cannot just sit back as fathers and answer questions as they ask us. While those will inevitably occur, we must make sure that we stay ahead of the game.

If we can cast vision for the journey ahead before certain situations actually occur, our boys will be better equipped to navigate it. If we are parenting future husbands and fathers, we must teach with that in mind.

Trust me, you do not want your son to have his vision of manhood shaped by the culture. Don’t let the culture answer these questions for your son. He needs and wants to hear these answers from you.

Can you and will you answer these questions for your son? Take the initiative today for the benefit of your son.