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A Father’s Responsibility: Teaching Boys to Contribute

Posted on | Braxton Brady

Fathers are called to show their sons what it means to be responsible.

Responsibility shows that your son is growing up, maturing, and can handle bigger things. Doing dishes, mowing the yard, watching and playing with younger siblings and other acts of service are things that can yield more than allowance.

We must teach our boys to take initiative to do those kinds of things without being asked. We must train them with the future in mind.

One critical element of growing into manhood and being responsible involves how to be an integral part of the family. I think many dads fall short in this because we either assume that our boys know what that means or we spend our time teaching other things.

If we want our boys to lead their future family well, there are certain things that they must know as a son, which will help guide them when it is time for them to raise a family. I thought I would share just a few in today’s post.

  • Teach your son not to measure their love of you by the material things you give or don’t give them. The last thing we need is another generation of young men who feel entitled, spoiled, and place too much emphasis on possessions.
  • Teach your son that your love for him does not depend on his performance. The most stressful conversations for boys are often in the car after a game or in carpool after a difficult test.
  • Teach your son that he is wired for connection and intimacy. We live in the most connected time in all of history, yet our families have never been more disconnected. Teach your son that family time is valuable and is a priority.

It’s easy for us to get caught up in the fast paced life and forget that we are seeking to raise up a generation of godly men who can lead their family well. If we do not take time to talk about family and model what that really looks like, I am fearful that we will continue to push our families farther and farther apart.

Take time this week and make sure that your sons begin to understand what it means to be a godly man and how they are to lead their future family.