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Seven Simple Back-to-School Tips

Posted on | Darilyn Christenbury

As the summer winds down and the school supplies start filling the stores’ shelves, you may be asking yourself, “Is it already that time again?”

Back to school means new classrooms, new teachers, new friends, and new school supplies. It also means earlier wake-up times and homework. Try following these tips to make the transition back to school a smooth and seamless one.


Get Back in the Routine

Try to acclimate your family into bedtimes/wake-up times that will mirror the school year routine. Begin around a week before school starts to allow your children to slowly settle into the new routine.

Finalize Summer Work

Avoid the last minute scramble by putting the finishing touches on the work and making sure it is all organized. Try to get a jumpstart on the Accelerated Reading (AR) tests by coming up to the library on open library days. This will make the night before school starts a relaxing one.

Set up a Homework Station

Organize an area where homework will be completed each afternoon. Make sure it is well-stocked with the necessary supplies. Maybe even splurge on a few new items to get the excitement going about homework.

Touch Base with your Child’s Teacher

Shoot a quick email to your child’s teacher expressing how excited you are about the upcoming year and include any pertinent information that he or she may need to know up front.

Set Goals

It is never too early to teach the practice of goal setting. Have your child set some academic, social, and extracurricular goals for the school year that are attainable. Figure out a way that he can hold himself accountable.

Alleviate Anxiety

For some students, back-to-school time produces worry over the unknown of what the upcoming year entails. Try having a play date with a classmate, set up a time to meet the teacher in advance, or check-out one of these great books.

Continue Enjoying the Summer

Staying around Memphis for the rest of the summer? Luckily there are new, exciting places popping up by the minute. Try checking out The Art Project in Overton Square or Go Ape Treetop Adventure in Shelby Farms (for children 10 and over). Both of these spots are brand new for summer 2015.


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