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PDS Teachers Visit Boys' Schools Around the World

Posted on | Emily Lequerica

Professional development for teachers is essential for helping them stay up-to-date on changes in curricula, technology, and teaching methods. Professional development activities can also help teachers learn new strategies for teaching and for using classroom technology. 

The best teachers are tireless learners who continuously challenge the status quo, explore new ideas, and hone their craft. At PDS, we seek professional development opportunities that provide valuable insight into effective boy-centered teaching practices and, most importantly, we are lifelong learners.

Scots College

Syndey, Australia

In October, four PDS faculty members, Darilyn Christenbury, Emily Lequerica, Weezie Pouget, and Tony Rudzena, visited one of Australia’s oldest and most respected Presbyterian schools for boys, The Scots College.

The Scots College is located in Bellevue Hill, an eastern suburb of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. As a boarding and day school of over 125 years, Scots serves boys ages three to twelfth grade on seven unique campuses.

Grounded in their educational philosophy, Brave Hearts Bold Minds, Scots is much like PDS in their desire to provide a rich academic experience while developing character and values that will shape a boy’s future. Darilyn, Emily, Weezie, and Tony, spent time visiting with the Scots leadership team, observing in classrooms, participating in a professional learning day led by Scots faculty, visiting their outdoor campus, and meeting with the Scots Research Team.

"The opportunity to visit a world-class boys' school like The Scots College was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I was challenged to think deeply about what it means to incorporate research into my teaching model. I was also amazed at the confirmation that PDS is a world-class school doing incredible things."

Darilyn Christenbury, PDS Bible teacher and Early Childhood chaplain

St. Christopher’s School

Richmond, Virginia

A team of eight PDS faculty members, Ashley Garner, Marian Richards, Lindsey Robinson, Rachael Schaefer, Emily Lequerica, Terri Jarratt, Rachel Bishop, and Marjorie Porter, recently visited St. Christopher’s in Richmond, VA.

St. Christopher’s is the largest all-boy school in Virginia and serves over one thousand boys in grades JK-12. In 2014, St. Christopher’s established the Center for the Study of Boys with a desire to become a global leader in educating boys, while serving as a resource for teachers and parents seeking expertise in raising boys. The center’s mission is to promote best practices by engaging and teaching boys through research, professional development, and programming.

St. Christopher’s is committed to an action research model, often in collaboration with the International Boy School Coalition.

While on campus, PDS teachers observed in classrooms, heard from various research fellows, and collaborated with members of the St. Christopher’s leadership team.

"From the moment we stepped onto campus, we were immersed into the culture and history of St. Christopher's School. In a way, it felt like we were walking the hallways of PDS. As we watched the gentlemen interact with their peers both socially and academically, participate in chapel, and create self-portraits in Art class, I was quickly reminded how special of a school we were in. During our time at St. Christopher's, it was evident that the teachers cared deeply for their students, were building strong relationships with each boy, and wanted nothing but success for every student. Our young learners need anchors, especially in today's ever-changing world. I hope to be that anchor for my students by continuing to grow as an educator while reflecting on my own teaching practices and providing the necessary foundation for my students in a way that allows them to be the best versions of themselves."

Rachael Schaefer, PDS third-grade teacher


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