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The Humble Hero Vision

Posted on | Braxton Brady

Herb Hodges, a gifted teacher both here in Memphis and all over the world, has written a great book entitled Tally Ho, the Fox. In it he makes a great comment concerning vision. Hodges states, “vision is getting on your heart what God has on His.” What a simple yet profound statement.

The difficulty with this statement is that we do not fully understand what God has on His heart. In order to understand this we must look at the guide he has given us, His Word. Joshua 1 :8–9 tells to “not let this Book of Law depart from our mouth so we might be careful to do what is in it.”If we want to have vision, we must know what God has on His heart.

If we truly study what God has on His heart, we often find that it does not line up with what we have on our hearts. This is where we find difficulty. God’s vision often contradicts with the vision that the world places upon us. The media through print ads and commercials try to persuade us into thinking that al kinds of “stuff ‘ will bring us complete happiness. On the other hand, God shows us that we will only find true happiness in relationship with Him. Although a life lived with God's vision does not necessarily correlate to a life of what we perceive as happiness, the eternal reward of heaven should be our motivation. Do we want to pursue the things of this world or do we want to pursue the things of God. The temporary success of this world might be appealing now, but the eternal reward of living a life in service to God is far greater.

The question we must ask ourselves and our sons is are we willing to live this way. Are we willing to serve others even when it does not benefit us? Are we willing to teach our boys to love others no matter how they treat us? Are we willing to live lives according to scripture? Are we willing to spend time each day studying God’s Word and applying it to our lives? Are we willing to take time out of our schedules to raise godly young men who grow up to be godly husbands and fathers? These are tough questions that we must pray over daily. It is my prayer that we will say an emphatic yes to all of them.