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PDS Spirit - Winter 2023

PDS Spirit - Winter 2012


  • A Customized Approach to Math
  • World Peace? Achieved.

While PDS honors all that has come before, cherishing traditions and actions that have made us a successful school for decades, a smart school doesn’t rest atop past laurels. In a fast paced environment, standing still is actually falling behind. PDS has chosen a different approach. PDS aims to be a world class institution and a thought leader in education.

PDS is a school that understands that the future requires us to adapt. The future doesn’t wait for anyone to catch up; it rolls along. Leaders and teachers at PDS are always scanning and questioning so that PDS can offer the best for boys. Teachers are rigorous learners and consistent critics of their own teaching practice, always improving and stretching in order to teach PDS boys well.

The institutional mindset and strategic objective at PDS is to build boys and make men of the future, prepared in every way they need for maximum success. This issue of PDS Spirit features the work that PDS is doing to develop a customized approach to learning for our boys. We are developing learning approaches that better enable each boy to maximize his learning potential at his pace. PDS teachers are designing ways to leverage technology tools to help students practice concepts and to gather formative data regarding each boy’s learning.

We hope you will enjoy reading about the new programs we are developing as well as other happenings on campus and about school.