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PDS Spirit - Summer 2022

PDS Spirit - Summer 2022


  • PDS Boys are Hitting the Road: Our New Cultural Expeditions Program
  • What's Best for Boys: Our Committment to Professional Development

With the academic year behind us, and families engaged in typical summertime routines, let me express my sincere gratitude for your support and dedication to PDS and, above all, for entrusting us with the education and care of your son.

It has been a remarkable year at PDS. I want to thank our faculty and staff, the Board of Trustees, and those who volunteered to make this year special! As you turn the pages of this edition of the PDS Spirit, you will see many examples of a truly exceptional school community. It takes many people with diverse skills, competencies, and passions to create a vibrant school community that instills a foundation for a boy’s life. This is certainly true of PDS!

A few weeks ago, the 73rd graduating class of PDS boys crossed the stage to receive their diplomas and finish the first leg of their educational journey. They are now official “alumni” of PDS. A few weeks before commencement, high school seniors, all graduates of PDS from around Memphis, returned to campus to be celebrated by our faculty and staff. Once again, they roamed the hallways and interacted with faculty that taught them as far back as early childhood. These graduates spoke excitedly about their next chapter as they step into college life. The one theme that marked this experience for me was that of leaving and returning. Most importantly, it was a true blessing to see these boys return to PDS with excitement after all of these years.

Among the many things that I admire and deeply appreciate about PDS is the education of the whole boy, the intentional development of the heart, soul, and mind of each boy. Each boy, whether a sixth-grader or a graduating senior, carries an imprint of PDS left by the friendships made, faculty that have guided him, and a feeling of the most profound sense of care about his well-being – because he is loved, known, and nurtured.

Our faculty’s passion and commitment to seeing each boy succeed is a keystone of PDS culture. The depth of care for each student and the high standard we hold ourselves to, making sure each boy reaches his fullest potential, drive us as educators.

Lastly, we want as many boys as possible in the Memphis community to receive a PDS education. So many of the families that I meet and welcome to our campus visit because of your recommendation. We had very active admissions this year, and we appreciate all of our families and friends that sent referrals our way. Thank you, as always, for being ambassadors of PDS.

I wish everyone a relaxing and fun-filled summer.


Brad Sewell
Head of School