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PDS Spirit - Winter 2023

PDS Spirit - Summer 2015


  • Building a New Memphis - The 2015 recipient of the Distinguished Alumnus Award talks about revitalizing the inner core of the city.
  • Building Connections - Fifth graders learn to connect with their peers in a unique building project.

Another school year is behind us. Just a year ago, my family and I were moving into our home on Kirby Road. So much has transpired in 12 months. Our enthusiasm for PDS and Memphis has continued to grow during this time.

As I look back over the year, I am reminded by all that has been accomplished this year. The learning that takes place in the classroom has been guided and encouraged by our amazing faculty. Several of these faculty members are highlighted in this issue of PDS Spirit. The bridge building activity was a highlight of the spring. Unfortunately, the printed page can’t capture the intense squeals of delight that were heard in the hallways as our boys cheered for each other during the competition stage. The bridges held a range of weights and ultimately each one broke to the ground. Every boy experienced success amidst his failures.

Through ice bucket challenges, dunk tanks, and zip lines, I have come to experience the enthusiasm our boys have for this great school. I am excited for the future. Together, we are making PDS an even stronger school.

Steve Hancock
Head of School