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PDS Spirit - Winter 2023

PDS Spirit - Winter 2016


  • A Place to Thrive - PDS Relaunches Band Program
  • Griz Math

For years, experts have known that success in music and math have a strong correlation. I have seen the connection in my own life as I have taught both music and math classes over the course of my career. At PDS, we are continuing to find ways to help our students thrive in these disciplines.

I am thrilled that we have begun a band at PDS. Just under 50 boys (and their parents) are also thrilled. Our boys are learning to work on a different type of team. They are learning the value of hard-work, dedication, and striving towards a common goal. Their instruments become a source of self-expression and their ears are opened to a world of music around them.

Our dedicated teachers are always looking for creative ways to engage our boys. Grizz Math is one example of a brilliant teacher looking for ways to build on the natural enthusiasm of her students. I have had the opportunity to be a part of the classroom on Grizz Math days. To say the room is electric would be an understatement.

These are two programs featured in this edition of the PDS Spirit. Everywhere you turn at PDS there are exciting things happening. If you have not been on campus recently, I invite you to come visit at any time.

Steve Hancock
Head of School