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Arrival, Dismissal, & Schedule

Attendance and Tardies

July 01, 2020

Regular and punctual attendance is vitally important to each boy’s educational experience. Interaction with the teacher and fellow classmates is essential for learning. Therefore, absences should be infrequent and only when illness or similar unexpected circumstances make it absolutely necessary for a boy to miss school. Parents will be contacted if a boy’s excessive absences interfere with his overall progress.

Absences for family trips or similar reasons are strongly discouraged and should be scheduled during holiday breaks. To be sure, there are occasions when trips are necessary and may serve as a valuable learning experience. In such cases, the homeroom teacher should be notified at least one week prior to the absence. All assignments and tests must be completed within one week of the student’s return. If the absence occurs during achievement tests, a test make-up fee will be charged, and tests will be completed after regular school hours. In order for a boy to receive credit for attendance and in order for him to be eligible to participate in any afternoon activities, field days, field trips, or after-school activities, he must be present for a minimum of three hours of the school day.

Other than noting it on their report cards, we do not penalize boys for tardiness since it is a parental responsibility. However, should a parent be unable to assure his son’s timely arrival on a regular basis, the administration will meet with the parents or guardians to discuss the necessity of the timely arrival and the consequences of additional late arrivals. Such a meeting will take place no later than the 10th tardy the boy receives, or sooner if the school deems it necessary. Habitual tardiness may jeopardize a boy’s enrollment at PDS. In the event your child is tardy, you must check him in at the receptionist desk to guarantee that his absence will be changed to tardy.

PDS Sunday is a required school day for students in grades 4–6.

Boys who are absent due to communicable or infectious diseases must present a note to the homeroom teacher from the family physician stating that the student is not contagious to others before being readmitted to class. A student must be free of fever at least twenty-four hours without fever reducing medication prior to returning to school.

We ask parents to make every effort to arrange dental appointments and other necessary activities after school or on Saturday. While it may be more convenient to schedule during the school hours, it works a hardship on the child academically.

If, for any reason, a boy must leave school during the day, he must check out through the receptionist and must be picked up at the front desk by his parent or another authorized person. If it is not an emergency, the school expects advance written notice from the parents. If returning to school that day, he must check in through the receptionist also.

In case of a one-day absence, the teacher will explain the expectations for assignments. In cases where parents know an absence will exceed a day, they should make every effort to contact their son’s teacher in order to secure assignments.

Boys who miss 25 or more days of school will not be promoted to the following grade.