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Variable Tuition

July 20, 2023

PDS does not want to lose any student for financial reasons, so the school can and does provide significant tuition assistance resources to those families who qualify. To be a wise steward of its tuition assistance resources and to treat families equitably, the school uses an outside professional service (called Student Scholarship Services by NAIS, SSS) to determine which families need tuition assistance and how much these families need. The determination of SSS takes into account many factors, including income, number of children, medical and educational expenses, assets, debts, and so forth. Thus, families with wide-income ranges often qualify for tuition assistance.

The school will only make tuition assistance awards to those families who demonstrate a need. In granting these awards, PDS expects that families should make their son’s education a financial priority. While it is not our intention to manage a family’s financial choices or expect that families forgo modest vacations and so forth, tuition assistance awards from PDS will not subsidize extravagant lifestyles and/or overindulgent consumer consumption.

Families seeking a tuition assistance award for the 2024-2025 school year must have completed and submitted all of the required forms by November 15, 2023 This includes the following:

  • A Parents Financial Statement (PFS) completed online through SSS (
  • Two recent pay stubs for both parents uploaded to SSS
  • A copy of current and prior year income tax returns and current and prior year W–2’s submitted to SSS if not aleady submitted

Tuition assistance awards will be announced in January before reenrollment contracts are due.

Awards will not be considered final until SSS has received the W–2's and income tax returns.

The school maintains a very confidential process for tuition assistance. Students who receive tuition assistance are expected to maintain satisfactory grades and behavior. Families receiving tuition assistance one year must apply for it the following year under the normal procedures for that year.

Families applying for tuition assistance after the deadline will likely find that all of the school’s tuition assistance resources have been committed and that they might only be placed on a waiting list should dollars become available.