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Extracurricular & Special Areas


July 20, 2021

Regular and purposeful gatherings form the core of any healthy community; imbuing these sorts of gatherings with a spiritual component is one of the most vital aspects of a boy’s experience at PDS. The Chapel program at PDS is truly one of the foundational elements of our boys’ education.

In striving to glorify God by developing boys in wisdom and stature and favor with God and man, PDS seeks to “build” the whole boy, crafting not only his mind and body but his spirit as well. The Chapel program is an indispensable part of seeing this mission come to fruition in every boy, and when boys are the leaders of individual Chapel programs, they are provided with specific opportunities for public speaking and leadership.

Chapel is held four days a week at 8:05 am as follows:

  • Mondays - Grades 1-3 in the chapel
  • Tuesdays - Grades 4-6 in the chapel
  • Thursdays - Early Childhood in the Commons
  • Fridays - Grades 1-6 in the sanctuary